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mardi 9 mai 2017

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What is an MBA?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the highest Master degree in business administration,
recognized worldwide as the best way to propel a career in management.
It attracts people from a wide range of experiences and academic backgrounds and is regarded as a unique educational opportunity in practical and academic terms.
An MBA develops the tools and resources to gain a managerial view of all aspects of the company, without limiting itself to just one industry or discipline. Its subjects vary from strategy to fi nance and marketing, keeping always people and resource management at the core.

Who is MBA Solvay for?

MBA Solvay is directed at young and middle managers that are looking to advance in their career as well as to improve their knowledge of the latest management tools.
It is also tailored for professionals who want to steer their career into a management position, or to change their current fi eld or career path.

Six Reasons to Take the MBA Solvay Challenge

MBA Solvay is designed to equip its participants with a full set of skills and the knowledge with which to face a competitive and fast-moving world You will follow a very intensive and highly
demanding program in order to gain a fi rm practical understanding of the management trends that make a difference at an international level. There are 2 programs you can choose from: A Full-Time and a Part-Time MBA.

1. Career advancement focus. Management skills are no longer enough. You need to turn your talent, achievements, character, and potential into a value proposition that puts you in the forefront.MBA Solvay is the 9th MBA worldwide in career progression (Financial Times ranking EMBA 2008)

2. International learning environment. We attract participants from over 30 countries, with diverse professional backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity ensures the crossfertilization of ideas and methods, creating innovation and synergies, and preparing you for the complex challenges of the
global economy. MBA Solvay is the 7th MBA worldwide in number of international students
(Financial Times ranking EMBA 2008)

3. Outstanding international faculty. A dynamic and highly qualifi ed faculty from around the world is a leading force in the success of MBA Solvay.

4. Holistic 360º approach. MBA Solvay transforms theory into practice. From the fi rst day you integrate knowledge gained across subjects and apply your insights to real business situations, gaining hard and soft skills as well as a resourcefulness that will help you adapt to any new situation.

5. Global alumni network. Our active and engaged alumni association counts on more than 15.000 active members, based in more than 75 countries. It provides you with lifelong contacts for business opportunities, solutions and mentoring, wherever you are, wherever you want to go.

6. Brussels, the heart of Europe. MBA Solvay is your gateway into and out of Europe. Link to the most powerful business network in Brussels.

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