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vendredi 28 août 2015

National accounting - how you can prepare a real work program

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The national accounts, by definition,accounts have a significant size and purchasing power that provide the leverage to demand lower prices. In addition, due to their complexity and demographics, they are often more difficult and expensive for the service business. Therefore, most national accounts are the least profitable.

In response, you must make a concentrated effort to effectively balance the transfer of power in accounts, offering significant competitive advantages that make your most critical products and services for your national accounts. Without creating a competitive advantage, it will be linked to the downward price spiral that eats margin and denies any understanding for customers effectively "the price is not the same as the cost." A structured program of national accounts with the final guidelines is the first step to gain a competitive advantage.
There are four basic categories of the added value that create a competitive advantage:

1. The processes in business that maximize customer productivity, improve quality, transaction costs of the supply chain and provide measurable savings (unrelated to the price).

2. The administrative and technical support can reduce internal costs enough to affect the operating costs of the bottom line customers.

3. Sales and marketing support that can increase the top line of your customers.

4. Technology is essential for the results of your customers' businesses, it is still beyond their internal capabilities.
Your national accounts program should focus your efforts on all these issues.

Four Fundamentals

The ultimate success of national accounts depends on the participation in the teamwork and hard of all employees of the companies involved in the process.
There are four basic elements of the success of any national accounts program:

1. Knowledge - Study the internal processes of your company and / or the inner workings of your national accounts program, if you already have one in place.

2. Understand - The search for the business environment in which your business operates and objectives defined results in a national accounts program.

3. Clarity - Identify the scope of the market and demand and customer management. This should be a real understanding of what the business is trying to accomplish in total.

4. Commitment - Secure the commitment of the entire company.

Knowledge " you can use Free Course "

And 'essential to define the objectives of the program, the process involved and the way forward for help and support when needed. If you have a program in place, it is essential to develop this process.

Second, the measurement of the activity and open communication (both on and down the chain of command) are absolutely essential to success. Responsibility is an absolute necessity and should be clearly defined. Support your company's information management system can provide the key elements for the success of national accounts program. A weak information system could leave dangerous areas or even distort the true image of the national accounts program.


Understanding leads the field of view (external view) closest to the central office. An internal investigation by the company can not provide the necessary clarity how the national accounts program is perceived. Enter representatives of local accounts and branch managers is very important. Your business needs to explore how things are made and how an existing program is perceived. Most importantly, the input field with recommendations is essential. If you currently have this program, the survey is even more critical for the initial development of a new program.
Understand the real needs of national accounts is also critical to the success of your program. For a better understanding, consider the following questions:

or what types of Accounts true value?

or what motivates suppliers to negotiate special conditions for these accounts?

Avoid these accounts or see our company as a partner?

o What do we know about their business?

or we really are the main source of supply?

o You can create a win-win situation?


Everyone must have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. Recognizing the volatility of the environment is a valuable piece of the puzzle. Your company needs to recover the pace of change in the distribution sector in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Remember, "perceived value of units of expectations" and "customer satisfaction unit value of the performance."

Increase the perceived value of your customers and high enough to create "competitive advantage", which is the first step towards the rebalancing of power inherent in any national accounts program.

Although the appearance of knowledge of national accounts program is strongly towards internal perspective, clarity must be weighed against the external environment. You must be well aware of market dynamics, including technology and other external forces shaping your industry and customer behavior conduct national accounts. You should evaluate events and trends using a preventive perspective in relation to your competitors. You must ask yourself these questions:

in your business you must know :

o How different industry today regarding what is expected of a national accounts program?

o What will be considered for 2007?

o What are our competitors in serving the national accounts?

o What technologies offer the greatest potential, both as products and tools?

o What actions are our competitors take to gain an advantage?

o How our suppliers react to our strategy?


Account National Programming can not be treated as a member of the "flavor of the month" club. Everyone must take seriously. Commitment is needed from everyone. It is not something you dabble in. That is why it is important to put the time and attention in the planning process before bathing. Understand your goals.

The only reason a company business should undertake a national accounts program is to gain sales and market share in this total is profitable for the company and meets the strategic business objectives of criteria.

The program's business goals of the national accounts may be summarized as follows:

o Develop a national market presence

or improve the brand image and credibility

o Develop impressive customer references

growth or support with preferred suppliers

or create synergy with the company's mission business

or rebalancing the change of power and profitability in national income

A major problem for many national account programs is the need to overlay a function of the collective sale of a distributed sales force established. In the past, processes and systems have allowed customers, potential customers, or their representatives in the field to make conscious decisions favorable.
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