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lundi 31 août 2015

What is accountant job ?

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The work of an accountant requires work to ensure that business firms and individuals are now good records and paying taxes in a timely manner. Although the description of the accounting situation of certain accounting items can be simple, others represent job descriptions are not so clear, because of the number of functions needed.

In general, an accountant fulfills vital functions for businesses and people of all kinds, offering a wide range of business and accounting services, including transport, management and government accounting and internal audit. These four areas of accounting, and also have a minimum of a bachelor's degree, each has a separate item description.

1. Public Accountant job

A description of the item public accounting can be summarized in what most people imagine a "typical" work counter. It consists in carrying out a wide range of accounting, auditing, tax and consulting activities for their clients, which can be corporations, governments, nonprofit organizations and individuals. Public accounting specialties are often chosen. For example, an accountant may choose to focus on tax, such as advising companies about the tax benefits and disadvantages of certain business decisions and preparing tax issues. Other public accountants can choose areas as compensation and employee benefits health care, or may develop accounting systems and data processing. However, other public accountants can choose to specialize in auditing the financial statements and inform investors and authorities that the statements have been properly prepared and presented. The public accounts are usually Certified Public Accountants (CPA), and usually own their own business or work for public accounting firms.

2. Accounting Management job

Another description is the accounting situation of a management accountant. Also it called a cost, management, industry, business or private management of accounts record and analyze the financial information of the companies for which they work. The item description managerial accounting includes a detailed list of responsibilities, such as budgeting, performance evaluation, cost management and asset management. Management accountants are often part of executive teams involved in strategic planning and development of new products, where they analyze and interpret financial information that corporate executives need to make informed business decisions. They also prepare financial reports for other groups, including shareholders, creditors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities. Management accountants are often part of an accounting department, employees of a large company, and can work in many areas, which may include financial analysis, planning, budgeting and cost accounting.

3. Government Accounting job

An accountant government is working in the public sector, maintenance and review of records of government agencies and verification of private companies and individuals whose activities are subject to regulation and / or government taxes. This description of the accounting, while detailed, is much more specialized. Public accountants are employed by the federal, state or local government, and work to ensure that revenues are collected and expenditures are made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Those employed by the federal government can work as agents of the Internal Revenue Service or in financial management, financial institution examination, or budget analysis and administration.

4. accountant internal auditor job

The description of the accounting position of an internal auditor basically can be summarized in the job title. Internal auditors verify the accuracy of its internal organization and check records for mismanagement, waste, or fraud. It is an area of engrossing importance for accounting, and internal auditors review and evaluate financial information and business systems, management procedures and internal controls to ensure that records are accurate and controls are adequate to protect against fraud and waste. They also review company operations, evaluating their effectiveness, efficiency and compliance with company policies and procedures, laws and government regulations. The description of the accounting position of an internal auditor may vary with different companies and can include tasks such as EDP, environmental auditing, engineering, legal, auditing, insurance opinion, said banks and health care.

Accountants in the four areas can work for a company or may be employed by an accounting firm, which in turn hired a consulting firm. An accountant can also work on their own, and to provide accounting services to individuals, companies, or both.

Most accounting jobs include a description of counter job requiring at least a bachelor's degree, accounting or a related field, and some descriptions of accounting functions could include the requirement of a certified public account (CPA) teacher certification or obtained by the four-part Uniform CPA Explanation prepared by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). While the CPA exam in two days is rigorous, and only 25 percent of those taking the step of examining each part, they try, SCP certification can help greatly in the rate of payment, and most states, the test can be taken in two parts, which can help in the preparation and success of the review.

According to the Department of Labor, employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow to US faster rate than average for all occupations accounting of all descriptions of accounting functions mentioned, until 2014. This It is due to an increase in the number of companies nationwide, changing financial laws and regulations, and increased scrutiny of company finances. In addition to these reasons for opening new jobs in accounting, there will be a need to replace accountants and auditors who retire or transfer to other occupations.

The field is also becoming more specialized by technology and the new, accurate accounting and auditing software experience to become an essential addition to a description of the accounting position. A job description can be in accounting, in addition to educational and technological requirements, strong interpersonal and communication skills, simply by the fact that most accountants work together with other people from different backgrounds and have the capacity needs to communicate clearly and concisely accounting and financial information.

Regardless of qualifications, competition in the field of accounting will remain strong for the most prestigious jobs, and to obtain clients for accountants who are independent.

Rebecca Game is the founder of Digital Women ®,, an online community for women in business. She is a 30 year entrepreneur and dedicated to helping other women find business loans and business grants.

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